Thursday, February 10, 2011

So Cute

I should have posted earlier, but when the panic passes so does the urgency. His vision is fine, he is such a yummy little boy. Albeit one with a droopy eye on one side. It doesn't seem to effect his vision at all, but the Opthamologist thinks I should wait and see if there seems to be an issue when he walks. My uncle, an Optometrist, seems to think the earlier the better when it comes to doing the surgery to lift his eyelid, lest that eye become lazy. We go back in April to the opthamalogist, so I'll discuss the timing of what is now considered 'cosmetic" versus medically necessary surgery. I see that he compensates by lifting his head when he wants to look up, since lifting his eyes does not give him the full range of vision in the droop eye(medically called ptosis)