Sunday, November 6, 2011


It's amazing how wide open his eye is. Post op his ptosis seems gone! Some of the stitches have started melting, he looks really black and blue, but not that swollen.   The first night was great. He acted just like himself, and we were nervous about the bandage coming off, or him touching it in his sleep, so we put extra tape on it. He really never touched it except for when he first woke up from anesthesia, so they quickly put socks on his arms.
Wednesday morning we went back to the doctor, who removed the bandage and the one stitch that was holding his eye closed. It looked pretty gross, but not as bad as I expected. He continue to keep up his great mood, and was extra cute (not while he got the bandage off or stitches out, but before and after!). The main stitches, as per above, do not "come out" but melt away. Four layers of stitches.

He is really being so good. At 17 months old, when I say "time for cream," he puts his head back and closes his eyes as best he can. His eye does stay open quite a bit when he sleeps, but teh doctor says that's normal, and will take about a year to get to a more closed level of closed, but will never really close fully.

Thank G-d he came through this so well, and seems to have worked so well, and he really seems no wortse for wear.  Yesterday I thought he was a little more swollen than the other days, and I was a bit nervous, but he had never really swelled more the way the doctor said he might the fiorst two days post surgery. By last night the swelling was down.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I calmed down a lot after I was speaking to someone whose kid had cardiac surgery ( I did not mention my son's surgery). 

We came home about an hour ago.  He seems great and so himself. The harder part is probably now, making sure he doesn't pull off the bandage, going back to the doctor tomorrow and putting cream on the area starting tomorrow.

So it  is done, and he really appears to be ok. Now lets hope it worked