Monday, May 9, 2011

And On It Goes...

The Ophthalmologist went well. His vision is good, and the eyelid is not getting in the way of his vision, though he is very farsighted. That's normal in babies, and she said that if this was his "prescription" and he was three years old, she would put him in glasses. So hopefully he will outgrow the farsightedness. The doctor does not think we need to worry about lazy eye, because he lifts his head to compensate, which means he wants that full vision and wants to use that eye, so it probably won't become lazy.

We have an appointment next week with the Ophthalmologist who is also an Occu-Plastics doctor, and we will discuss the droop, and surgery and timing, and he'll probably do more tests on his vision and the effect of his eyelid. I didn't make that appointment until a few days ago even though we had been to the doctor at the beginning of April. And though we've been talking about "doing surgery" for awhile, making this appointment gets the ball rolling and apparently it scares me terribly.

Now it's really real.

I have weird fears now. Fears about choices, and fears that we'll make the wrong ones. Really the hardest thing in this situation is the inevitable questions from other people that will be phrased and posed in ways that will make us feel both negligent, and incorrect in our choices. I often wonder in these situations if anyone ever gets it right, or is there always a "better" doctor, or a better path, or another thing that can be done. Does anyone, barring keeping completely quiet about medical situations, ever get away with just following the path set by the doctor they picked? And does anyone ever pick the right doctor? or is there ALWAYS someone who will say "Oh, you should have used so and so, he's really tops."

Next Thursday, the next chapter begins...

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